The year 1981 was designated by the United Nations “International Year of the Handicapped.” We take the purpose of this designation to be a deepening of understanding and concern for  the handicapped people of the world, and a furthering of the movement to insure that all time and space in the world be shared equally by handicapped and non-handicapped alike.  We believe that this movement includes the joint participation of handicapped and non-handicapped people in the creation of objects and activities of high cultural value, and we affirm the necessity of this.
 Our “Totto Foundation” is founded with the desire and intent of carrying on our various activities of the past in a more systematic and continuous way.



The Totto Foundation, a social welfare corporation, seeks to assist all those who require special guidance, protection, or correction facilituies, to live full lives as members of society, without in any way impairing their independence.  The following social welfare activityies are dedicated to that end. 

1. Establishment and management of the Totto Cultural Institute, a vocational  
     institute for the handicapped.
        - - Occupational training for the deaf to foster self-reliance.
        - - To be inaugurated in 1987

2. Guidance Centers for the Handicapped

      Staff membets will offer guidance to the handicapped as requested, inorder to     
     Assist them in attaining self-reliance and social rehabilitation. 

3. Management of Affairs Relating to Japanese Theater of the Deaf
    (1) Administration of Japanese Theater of the Deaf (J.T.D.)
       The goals of J.T.D. are in  increase in autonomous activities on the part of the 
      deaf, and the creation of dramas based on their point of view.  By seeking to  
      produce plays which can be enjoyed by all, handicapped or not, and which
      produce plays which can be enjoyed by all, handicapped or not, and which take as
      their starting point an inability to hear,  it is hoped that many deaf people will
      gain interest in drama, and that the role and necessity of drama in deaf education
      may be more widely appreciated.
          Along with the training of deaf actors various other drama-related training is
      carried on, and performances are held several times a year to show off the results
      of this training. 

   (2)Sign-language Classes
     Classes in sin language are held to train volunteer workers, and to provide
    coordinated education for those with normal hearing and those with hearing
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